Searchable Map of Venice

Easily locate streets, hotels, restaurants etc by name or look for pharmacies, supermarkets, bookshops, hairdressers, and more.
Search in English, or try Italian for extra results. If you don’t know the Italian word to search for, Google Translate can help.

To see the map full-screen, just click or tap the box at the top right. Zoom in or out to focus on the area you want.

The map is also a virtual street explorer – spectacular in full-screen mode (See instructions below).


Just drag the little yellow man to a point on the map for a panoramic view of any street or canal in Venice. Take a virtual walk through the fascinating streets or a virtual boat trip down the Grand Canal. Check out your hotel or apartment’s location and, if you plan to arrive with heavy luggage, check how many bridges you’ll have to drag it over to reach your hotel from the nearest vaporetto stop!