Learning Italian at Venice University

If you are in Venice and want to learn or improve your Italian, you can do Italian classes at the Centro Linguistica Interfacolta (Interfaculty Language Centre) at Ca’ Foscari University

e-mail cli@unive.it
Tel. +39 041 234 9711/9713
address: Palazzo Bonvicini – Santa Croce, 2161, 30135 Venezia

All courses are taught by native Italian speakers, from beginner to advanced level. You can do daytime or late afternoon/early evening classes, usually twice a week.
It is possible to do short courses of 10 hours and upwards, or a full ten-week course of 50 hours. These all involve 5 hours a week of teaching.


Alternatively, you can do a flexible self-access course in your own time using their language laboratories, multimedia resources, newspapers etc. If you want to be sure of a place in the lab at the times of your choice, you can book it online before you go. However, I have never needed to do this. The library also has wi-fi internet access.

Unfortunately they do not take enrolments by mail, fax or email. But if you turn up having missed the official enrolment day, they will try to fit you in. They were able to do this for me. The secretary speaks a little English and Stefano Tironi speaks it well and is very helpful.

The Palazzo Bonvicini, which houses the Centro Linguistico Interfacolta, is a rather lovely old building by a side canal – a most pleasing place in which to learn Italian in an attractive part of Venice.