Public Swimming Pools in Venice

The main city or historic centre, the island of Giudecca, and the Lido each have a Piscina Comunale (community pool). These pools offer both public swimming and swimming courses on certain days and hours, at reasonable prices.


Piscina Comunale Sant’Alvise is in the Centro Sportivo, Cannaregio 3163, which is in Calle del Capitello near Campo Sant’ Alvise, in the northernmost part of the city.
Tel: 041 713 567

Piscina Comunale Sacca Fisola (on Giudecca)
Address: Sacca Fisola 82
Tel: 041 528 5430

Piscina Ca’Bianca (Lido)
Address: Ca’Bianca Lido
Tel: 041 5262222

4 thoughts on “Public Swimming Pools in Venice”

  1. hello
    i’m sending you from greece.i’m in the national team of swimming here on greece.i will come in venice for some days and i’ll stay in san antonio hotel. my coach ask me to find a swimming pool for my training.can you give some informations where i can find near me?
    thanks a lot ans waiting for your replay

    tsialta pan

  2. Hi. There’s a good website that lists swimming pools everywhere in the world with maps, times, links to their websites etc. It’s Select Italy and Venice to see the information.
    I can’t find a Hotel San Antonio in Venice in Google. Where is it?

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