Venice Vaporetto Map

Click the map below to view the latest water-bus route map pdf.
Then zoom in to view details of routes and stops.

For a precise location of each vaporetto stop, take a look at the street map of Venice.

photo of venice vaporetto route map - mapa, kort, kaart, kartta, carte, karte, mappa, karta, harita

vaporetto map – Venezia: mapa, kort, kaart, kartta, carte, karte, mappa, karta, harita

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation in Venice?

An easy way to work out the best route from Marco Polo Airport to your hotel or apartment is to use our route finder map. Enter your destination in the box and you’ll see details of public transport options by land and water as well as links to privately run airport shuttle buses.

An alternative to land and water buses is a water taxi all the way to – or close to – your destination in the city. Water taxis are very expensive, so unless you’re travelling in a group, it’s best to book a shared water taxi, which works out much cheaper. Shared water taxis need to be arranged in advance.

Timetables and further information

Here’s a link to vaporetto timetables. Further information about public transport on water and land in and near Venice is on the websites of and

Public transport passes

Vaporetto tickets are very expensive for non-residents of Venice (7.50 Euros for a one-way ride in 2019). So a transport pass may save money if you plan to use water-buses a lot.

Advice and reviews

If you have questions about public transport or any aspect of travel to or in Venice, we recommend Tripadvisor’s Venice Travel Forum, which supplies answers from experienced travelers and local residents – usually within hours! It’s well worth consulting their reviews of hotels and restaurants too.

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