Water taxis in Venice, Italy

Shared water-taxi – airport to hotel

Arrive in style – at a fraction of the cost.
Fast and stylish, private water-taxis from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice can cost more than your flight did!
Here’s how to get the same scenic ride for much less. Just book a pre-arranged shared water-taxi. This airport-to-city transfer service is convenient for most locations in the historic heart of Venice and the Lido.

The Venice Marco Polo Airport Transfer: Shared Water Taxi must be reserved at least 48 hours before arrival.
The service operates from 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. Each water taxi takes 6-8 passengers to their destinations in Venice.

After arrival and baggage claim, you present your pre-printed voucher at a desk in the arrival hall. Then walk to your boat. Many hotels are served directly. For less accessible destinations on the inner canals, your taxi boat will drop you off at the closest possible point.

The service that we recommend has over 4,000 4/5-star reviews and free cancellation. Click below for details and online booking.

Venice water taxis FAQs

Why do you have to pre-book shared water taxi transfers?
For shared water taxis, pre-booking is needed to allow the taxi fleet operator to coordinate the requirements of other travellers with yours, minimise your waiting time, and ensure availability. Private water taxis, on the other hand, can usually be arranged at kiosks in the arrivals hall at Marco Polo, but pre-booking is recommended at busy times.
How long does a water taxi take from Marco Polo airport?
Journey time is typically about 30 minutes from the airport to the historic centre of Venice or the Lido. For a shared water taxi, the journey will take longer unless you are the first to be dropped off. You may also have to wait a bit for the other sharers to arrive. The service we recommend has a guaranteed maximum waiting time (40 minutes max), which others don’t.
How late do water taxis run?
From Marco Polo airport, water-taxi hours of operation at normal rates are typically 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Rides outside these hours can usually be booked with a surcharge of about 20 Euros. In the city itself, taxis operate at night too.
Should I tip water-taxi drivers in Venice?
No tip is necessary, and tipping is not expected.
What’s the water-taxi luggage allowance?
One piece per person (+ hand bag) is allowed, with room for two more than the maximum number of passengers. So in a medium-sized 8-person taxi boat, for example, there’s room for 10 suitcases. So if you are arriving in Venice with a lot of luggage, a private water taxi (not shared) is probably a better option.
Is it easy to get on and off the taxi boats?
Some basic agility and good balance may be required. Getting on and off a taxi boat can be challenging for some people, especially if the tide is lower or higher than usual. It is not possible to use a wheelchair with most Venice water taxis, but specially adapted taxi boats with deck lifts are available. Public vaporettos (water-buses) on the other hand are accessible, and there are price reductions for wheelchair users.
Which are the cheapest private water taxis?
For a private taxi boat, not shared with others, different prices for the same distance mainly reflect different types of service, such as basic service versus ‘Meet and Greet’ with free cancellation, or standard taxi boat versus luxury taxi boat.
The basic service without a full cancellation option is the least expensive of all.

Tips for using Water taxis in Venice

Venice shared water taxi reviews from travellers are generally very positive. Choose recommended water-taxi services, heed a few tips, and your arrival in Venice shoud be a memorable part of the trip – for all the right reasons!

Beware unlicensed water taxis!
If you’re trying to pick up a boat without pre-booking, especially within the city, make sure it’s not an unlicensed one. Licensed water taxis have a clearly visible yellow stripe and a licence number. Remember to ask the price before boarding. It may be more than you think!

Need help with luggage?
Water taxi drivers are required to stay on the boat, so they shouldn’t get off to help you with luggage.
Also, not all hotels have landing stages on canals or very near canals, and some small canals aren’t navigable at low tide. So you may need to walk with your luggage after you leave the taxi boat and even cross bridges with steps. If this is a problem, book the private water taxi (above) and be sure to selct porterage at both ends after selecting your dates. Or consider changing to a hotel or apartment nearer to a main canal (See the map of accommodation available for your dates.)

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  1. How long does it take to get from the Marco Polo Airport to the Cruise ship dock? What is the cost for two adults?

    1. You will find all details of cost etc if you click the red link in the text above. Time is usually about 30 minutes but depends on conditions such as weather. You may have to wait up to 40 minutes at the airport for other passengers, but according to the reviews (mostly 4 or 5-star), waiting time is usually much shorter. Enjoy your trip. Venice is like nowhere else on Earth!

  2. I need a reservation for one. Am joining my sister who flies in later. If you are offering a shared water taxi, why cannot I go single????!!!

    1. Hi Margaret. You’re right the shared service advance booking requires at least two people to book. That’s how they manage to do it cheaply. If you buy two singles, it will still cost you less than half the price of a private water taxi. An alternative would be to try to join up with a group on arrival, but you may still pay more if the numbers aren’t just right.

  3. We have a total of 4 people flying into Venice on August 31 and staying one night. Our cruise will leave the next day at 9pm. Will this shared taxi take us to any hotel or are there specified areas for dropping off passengers. How do I find out where those are? Is a shared taxi a flat fee divided by the number of passengers? Thanks

  4. Hi Judith.
    For some hotels located along the Grand Canal, or hotels such as Hilton Stucky and San Clemente, the water taxi stops directly at the hotel. For less-accessible destinations on the inner canals, you will be dropped off within walking distance.
    The fee per person for these pre-booked shared taxis is fixed. So you won’t have to pay extra if the taxi isn’t full.
    Please note that Venice.nu is not the taxi operator. For further questions, please click the link in the text above. That will take you to the taxi operator’s site where you will find full info, reviews, pictures, booking form, options etc.
    Have a great trip.

  5. We are group of 30 with luggage requiring transfer from Cruise shio port to Hotel scandinavia and again return from hotel to marco polo airport. What would be cost

    1. Jacobus, the cost is about 32 euros per person each way. Click the links above to find out more and make reservations with the company that operates the taxis. There’s a link for the cruise port to hotel and another for the hotel to the airport. Have a great trip!

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