Sant’Erasmo map

Sant'Erasmo map
Click map to enlarge. Sant’Erasmo island, Venice, supplied by Holiday Center Lato Azzurro

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11 Capannone, where the vaporetto from Venice stops first. It’s line 13 from the Fondamente Nove stop, and it runs approximately every hour.

12 Il Lato Azzuro, the only hotel/hostel on the island, provides good budget accommodation. You can also rent bicycles at the hostel for 3 Euros per hour or 8 for the day (2008).
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13 Torre Massimiliana; Kayak Association; beach bar

14 beach

16 Ca’Vignotto restaurant, Via Forti 71, tel. 041.5285329

19 Punta Vela: another vaporetto stop.

21 Chiesa. Get off the vaporetto here if you’re walking to the restaurant (16)

22 Shops

Sant'Erasmo field and farm