Sestieri (neighbourhoods) of Venice

Where to stay in Venice?

Diagram of the sestieri (neighbourhoods) of Venice, Italy

Discover the characteristics of each district of Venice to help you decide which one of Venice’s six sestieri is best for you.


map showing location of Cannaregio in Venice

This is the area where most Venetian residents actually live. It’s in the northernmost part of Venice.

Go here if:

  • You want to get away from other tourists and get a feel for Venice as it once was. It’s very beautiful and usually quiet even in Carneval time (February).
  • You are looking for cheaper than average accommodation.
  • You are in Venice with small children. There are two parks: Parco Sarvignon with swings, slides, climbing sets and plenty of other children. And Giardino Papodopoli with a botanical gardens and a children’s corner.
  • You are interested in Venice’s old Jewish Ghetto, the small area in which Jews were confined.
  • You need to be near the railway station.
  • You want to go to the Venice casino (San Marcuola vaparetto stop)

The south side of Cannaregio lines the Grand Canal. The vaparetto stops for this part are: Ca’ D’oro, San Marcuola, Riva di Biasio and Ferrovia (the station). The north side of Cannaregio is on the lagoon. The Vaparetto stops for this part are: Fondamente Nove, Orto, S. Alvise, Tre Archi and Giuglie.

From The Fondamente Nove, you can easily get a vaparetto (number 12) to the islands of Murano and Burano. You can also see the nearby Isola di San Michele, which is the cemetery island of Venice. If you visit this island, see Mauro Codussi’s Chiesa di San Michele in Isola of 1469, which was the first Renaissance church in Venice.


thumbnail map showing location of Castello in VeniceCastello is the largest of Venice’s sestieri. It’s in the east of Venice. Like Cannaregio, it is one of the most authentic areas in Venice, but is not so quiet. The western part of the area borders on St Mark’s Square and is full of tourists.

Go here if:

  • You want to be near the bustle of St Mark’s but able to escape from it easily.
  • You would like to see local wine shops, greengrocers, supermarkets, market stalls.
  • You like seeing the locals’ washing hung from windows across the streets (east Castello only)
  • You want easy access to the Lido.
  • You are in Venice with small children. The Giardini Pubblici is the largest park in Venice. It’s the perfect place to escape, as the locals do, and wind down. It has beautiful views across the lagoon.
  • You are visiting for the Biennale, which takes place here.
  • You are interested in naval history. See the Arsenale and the Naval History Museum.

One side of Castello lines the lagoon on the side of the Grand Canal. The vaparetto stops for this part are: S.Elena, Giardini, Arsenale. The other side of Castello lines the lagoon on the side of Murano, Burano and the Isola di San Michele. The vaparetto stops for this part are: Certosa, S.Pietro di Castello, Racini, Celestia, Ospedale, and Fondamente Nove.


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