Venice Carnival Party

Carnevale di Venezia is a 10-day city-wide party, from street-level upwards. At the more sophisticated end of the scale, these photos show a group of costumed revellers at the exclusive (and ludicrously expensive) Florian’s Cafe in Piazza San Marco. We ogled them through the window, and they loved it!

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venice-carnival-08-012.jpgvenice-carnival-08-023.jpgvenice-carnival-08-025.jpgat Florian�svenice-carnival-08-028.jpgElton John? or lookalike?venice-carnival-08-032.jpgvenice-carnival-08-033.jpgvenice-carnival-08-034.jpgvenice-carnival-08-036.jpgphoto thumbnail Kiss at Venice Carnivalphoto thumbnail Venice Carnival Kissvenice-carnival-08-044.jpgCarnival group at Florian�svenice-carnival-08-048.jpgvenice-carnival-08-049.jpg

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