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Venice Carnival Opening – Coolio

Venice Carnival Opening 04(6 photos)
The Venice Carnival begins with the descent of an ‘angel’ from the top of the Campanile into the Piazetta San Marco. This tradition received a shot in the arm in 2008 when ‘gangsta’ rapper, Coolio, … … Read more >

Venice Carnival Party

venice-carnival-08-049.jpg (16 photos)
Carnevale di Venezia is a 10-day city-wide party, from street-level upwards. At the more sophisticated end of the scale, these photos show a group of costumed revellers at the exclusive (and ludicrously expensive) Florian’s Cafe in Piazza San Marco. … Read more >

Venice Carnival, Historical Parade

venice-carnival-08-084.jpg(20 photos)
The parade of historical costumes usually takes place on the first weekend of Carnival, after the opening ‘Flight of the Angel’ ceremony in the Piazzale San Marco. Groups from all over Italy … … Read more >