long line of people waiting to enter St Mark's, Venice

Avoid the queues / Skip the line

There’s no need to stand in line for the top museums and palaces.

Most visitors to Venice want to see the well-known palaces and museums, and have to spend a lot of time standing in line to buy tickets, especially for the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) in St Mark’s Square. Not a lot of fun, especially on a hot day. But book ahead (like now!) and you can go right in. No waiting! Just choose one of the Skip the Line tickets on the list at www.venice.nu/tips/tours/

There are some fascinating and informative guided tours listed too, and these get excellent reviews which you can read before booking.

But if you wait it until the day and find a long slow line for tickets, another option may be to buy a Museum Pass from the much less crowded Correr Museum across the square. The pass gives access to most of the top sites in Venice including the Doge’s Palace.
The toilets at the Correr are better too. It can be a long wait at the Palace!