Hairdressers in Venice

Stefano e Claudia – Review by Evadne

There are a lot of women’s hairdressers dotted about Venice, but I had read somewhere that many of them are of the old-fashioned variety that still do a wash and set for older ladies. Indeed many of them look suspiciously full of those huge dryers that come down over your head.

However, on my way to my self-access Italian language course at the university, I passed a contemporary-looking establishment right by the Grand Canal, just downstream of the Rialto. It is called Stefano e Claudia, and I popped in to make an appointment. One of the girls could have cut my hair immediately, but Stefano or Claudia were the ones I wanted so I had to wait a few days.

Stefano did a truly wonderful cut and blow-dry – while I was sitting looking out onto the Grand Canal with gondolas floating by. They are extremely busy and with good reason because he seriously knows what he is doing.

Stefano e Claudia
Riva del Vin S.Polo 1098/B
30125 Venice
Tel: 041 520 1913

Find a hairdresser in Venice

To find a selection of other hairdressers in all parts of the city, type or paste ‘hairdresser’ or the Italian word parrucchiere, into the search box on the searchable map of Venice on this website.

The best way to get a recommendation is to ask locally – at your hotel, for example. English-speaking hairdressers in Venice have become very expensive. To save some money and still get good service, you’ll need a few words of Italian.